There, no one would believe that someone could live

I’m pretty sure in a few years, it will live humans on the moon.
And if even a few years it will probably live humans on Mars.

Do you think there are other people on other planets? Milky Way is our solar system. But there are millions of other solar systems that there may be other planets like our Earth.

This means that it is likely that there are other planets with life, and possibly human-like beings.
There we will find out once …
Not while you and I live, but about a few hundred years it is very likely that we can answer whether there are other human-like creatures in the travel distance from the earth.

There is no doubt that it is very likely that there is life out there, since the universe is huge. Our planet is like a grain of sand in the Sahara desert in relation to the universe.

We have every reason to feel small. It’s good we do not know how our planet’s destruction, even millions of years ahead.

People have been here for only the last 4 percent of the earth’s life, that’s a consolation.

Do you have any questions for me, please ask, I will make every effort to respond as accurately as possible.




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