Anders Behring Breivik- Europe’s most hated

Inmates have already pointed out Breivik that a person who will have problems in jailed. He will be eight weeks in custody, four weeks in complete isolation.

– He was keen on the game «War of world craft,» where he played for hours and wrote comments in the game’s online forum.

He created fake pay slips to raise money when he tried to get loans from credit banks and collected more than 200.000NOK

Breivik is already on everyones lips in the norwegian «underworld».  There is little doubt that he will be killed if someone gets hold of him.

In the norwegian capital Oslo, there is flowers everywhere, and there is still growing a mountain of flowers outside the Oslo Cathedral.


– The Norwegian people choose to put hatred aside. We want our freedom, our democracy and everyday life back! That goal, we achieve only by holding together, comforting and crying together. The norwegian peolpe is a loving people and more then 200.000 peolpe met in Oslo’s streets in a public demonstration against terror and evil. His Majesty Crown Prince Haakon said it so aptly. «Today is Oslo’s streets filled with love.»

76 people is killed of a mass murderer. He will never be free again. Society is facing major challenges in a long time after 22.juli.

Is there anyone who manages just that, it is the Norwegian people.

Devil’s son has already lost its war on all fronts. We, the Norwegian people have already made ​​our lives back, to honor the fallen.


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