A photo can tell you more than thousand words, a good photo a life story

No matter what you write about in a book, a blog, a web site, newspaper or magazine. Without good photos it´s a story your viuers must find themselves. It´s ok for children who is about to learn about life, and need to sharpen their imagination.

For me it´s all about good blog posts.

The best photos in the world you will find as art in the most known galleries and museums across the world. But you can of course try to create your own photos if this is of your interest.

It take a lot of your time, money, tears and frustration because it´s pure hard work to create good and spectaculare photos that make your web site wurth look for.

– Any photos has it own ownership, that make it hard for everyone to choose photos that can  be used for free. Ownership of photos is very important to prove, if not you can be charged for theft and that can be very expensive.

– You may think images are copyright free but very few are public domain or copyright free. Most of the images you find on the internet are copyrighted, so you need to make sure you get proper permission or license before using them.

This is very impotant.

If you use my advice you can create perfect blogpost, with the best photos available on Internet.

Please take a look at the menu of more than 14 million fantastic photos at Dreamstime.com. The perfect place to find the best photos for your website.

The best photo on your blog post can be the reason that you get more traffic on your blog then other blogs, with some effort you can create the most beautiful blogs with the best photos available in the world.

Remember that a photo can tell you more than thousand words, a good photo a life story!



4 thoughts on “A photo can tell you more than thousand words, a good photo a life story

    1. This will be dealt with as soon as possible, and al the photos that will appear on this blog will have authorization to use every photo you find.
      Do you have any experience with Dreamstime?


  1. Yes, I do as it was I who reported you to Dreamstime. You are also hotlinking most of your pictures.

    And the rest of your pictures? Most of your pictures are violations of copyrighted pictures. Let’s hope none others like ScanPix, Gettys, AP, etc. will send you a bill for the illegal use of the pictures. This would amount to thousands of dollars and Bluehost would suspend, and terminate, your account.

    1. Well, then you would be a happy man would you not? I am very suprised that an important man like you will use so much time on a small blog like mine. What does that say about you?

      How did the report go? Did it go your way since I got a writing asignement from the Dreamstime?

      Get a life man!

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