Fantastic app for your iPad or iPhone if you use WordPress

Extreme knowledge can not be learned, it must be innate. Some people have extremeknowledge that you wish you had.

I had some trouble with my blog, then I did write to Dave and he helped me out in a couple of ours. Perfect work to the right price. I will give my warmest recommendations.

You have of course the iPhone? Now you can get your blog statistics as an app for your iPhone or iPad, right here.

Hi, I am Dave Ligthart. I’m available for all kinds of commissions and freelance work. As a consultant, programmer, software architect, scrum master, web developer. Based in The Netherlands; working for companies globally.

You have a blog that has certainly been frustrated not to possess enough knowledge to change your header or for other complex topics about your blog

Some people have the knowledge that you can only dream about. Let those who are best in their field to help you make your dreams come true!

Dave Ligthart did my dream come true. Let him help you too.

From his Web Site:

We are a web design and development company specializing in creating custom WordPress web sites.

WordPress is typically known as a blogging platform. It’s uses are varied and can be used to run a standard non-blog web site as well!

Please feel free to write tu us.

Norsk: Har du på noen måte problemer med din WordPress blog, ikke nøl et sekund med å spørre mr. Dave Ligthart om assistanse. Han er rask, han gjør en perfekt jobb til riktig pris.

Mitt nye design og logo er utført av som jeg er meget stolt av å kunne presentere på denne bloggen. Jeg kan gi mine varmeste anbefalinger.

Skulle du lurer på noen ang. min kontakt så ikke nøl med å spørre.





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