Silly season and everyone is linked to Wolves

Wolves is under reconstruction and Solbakken is rebuilding a team that will compare with the best in the Championship. Six players to date has put pen to paper and more will come in.

Razak Boukari (25) the latest signing, from the french side Rennes.

– In the Silly season period every player in the country and also many others from Europe is linked to Molineux. Berbatov, Crouch, Owen and even cracy Barton is on the lips of people who love to spread the word on social networks.

– Mr. Solbakken was furious when the game against Derby County ended with a draw in extra time last Saturday. That shows The Championship still is as tight as ever. Only with a good and strong squad of quality players and a gaffer that can get the Molineux heros going in a winning run will succeed.

– Of Course will Wolves have money to spend due to the sales of went-away players, Fletcher and Jarvis. But there is in the club policy to spend wisely. That´s what the club is doing so far.

The Molineux faithful is in lower numbers than in many years. But they are as loud as ever. That is a big benefit for Stale and his crew. Special on the away games it will be a huge support to the team to have a strong, loud and vocal voice on the stands.

Wolves supporters is among the most loyal and passionate in the country, they want Premier League football back to town, and Mr. Solbakken will use until the last day of the «shopping window» to strengthen his squad, to the joy of the fans.

There will be players leaving, and there will be a new team that runs out to play for the Old Gold and Black, the supporters are the same that wiped tears last May when relegated.

The new players will be loved and hailed if they do their job and put win to win games in their belts.

It´s more important than ever to create a strong side that can work together with spirit and entusiasme. Stale can be the man to make it happen for all the Wolves fans around the globe.

Wolves is just in The Championship on a visit. We will be back in the Premier League shortly.

The Bald norwegian is the man who will bring back glory times at Molineux with the new Wolverhampton Wanderers. So that the greatest vocal fans in the country can have a howl.

Be loud and proud! Wolves forever!



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