Believe, hope and the love for the beautiful game. Not for the fans, not for the money or the gaffer, but for themselves. The Wolves players just have to turn things around in their heads.

Wolves fans all over the world are crying blood at the moment because of the situation their beloved club are in at the moment.

– Rock bottom and just six matches of the season to go. Playing Man City and Arsenal…
It´s about love for the club, it´s about the fans, players moves on, the stadium and the Molineux faithful is still there. Crying for there club not playing the fotball everyone knows they can.

What happened? Should the board and Mr. Morgan put more money in for new players before this season? If Mick had been sacked urlier could that had changed anything?

Probably not, that will of cause just be silly thoughts. But somewhere during this season the Wolves fans start picking on the players. Losing five to nothing against the baggies did not help anyone, especially not Mick. The board sacked him after five and a half year in charge at Molineux. Then the assistant took over…

For every loss will taste of victory will be even better.

Why Mr Morgan? To save some quid?

It´s about the club. Wolverhampton Wanderers, the fans and the club. It´s hurts like hell. Rock bottom in the Premier League and just eighteen points to fight for.  Is there any point bothering? You can´t do a bloody thing about it because you are a fan and eat, drink and shit Wolves 24/7. That´s the meaning of life for the fans in old gold and black. It hurts.

Last season´s dramatic sunday. Scoring the goal just before the end. The Mol exploded in glory, joy and happiness. Just all to end in a relegation this season.

Molineux Stadium will host 40.000 people when it´s finished. The stadium is a beauty but will there be a full house in Championship? Probably not. Why did the owner do absolutely nothing to avoid relegation? Mick got the sack at 13 games left to play, why didn´t any new face appear in the managers chair?

TC was the assistant of the sacked gaffer, this make no sense howe so ever to many fans.

I will not put much money in a gamble that Wolves are playing Premier League next season. But if a miracle do happen, why not at Molienux?

I do hope the Wolves players can look themeselvs in the mirror and say: «Ay, I did what I coluld to keep Wolves up». Well, I do believe some of the players then will got a big blue nose, because you can count players in one hand that realy stood up fore themselvs and the fans this season.

It will be harder times to every wolves fan out there. Thank God we have been there before.

We are Wolves and we will be here forever. WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED!



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