Asma al-Assad- YOU can stop your husbands killings

Asma, you are born in UK, how can you sit  and look at your husband’s killings?

Asma, you are the one who knows your husband best, why do you let him kill his people? More than 400 children has died in the Syrian war. Why don´t you do what you can to stop it? Asma, do you sleep well at nights?

You are a beautiful and successful woman with the power to do what you want. Asma, you can save many lives of the Syrian people. Why will you not speak up? Please, Asma save children for more killings.

All the people in the World watch your husbands slaughter of civilian people. Your own people. It has to stop. Stop it now.

Asma, YOU can stop your husbands killings.




Foto:/ Flickr/ Science for Human Rights

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