Why Solbakken is not sacked as Wolves manager

This is as far as many fans patient goes. Stale Solbakken has had a horrible Christmas with no victories and no points. The owner mr. Steve Morgan will keep the norwegian and rather change the group of players that never stop disappointing their fans all over the world.

And I am agree with him!

Many of the players in the team losing to the non League club Luton Town, have been in the club to long.They have been a big disappointment for three od years. Now is the time to start wrap up their contracts or sell the bunch of twats that don’t want to give in.

Wolverhampton Wanderers is a big club still. And its own by Mr Morgan. I am very sure he will keep his manager and start sacking players and that is the best way to start buliding a team for the future.

Ståle Solbakken (44) Foto: SAM BAGNALL

Every Wolves fan in the world is very disappointed for the recent result. It is time for changes, that will start already tomorrow.

If I was any of the Wolves players, I would have had trouble sleeping tonight.

Some fans are ripping their season ticket apart, that is very understanding. But the players have to take their responsibility for the bad result, not only Solbakken.

Only by staying calm, working hard and get rid of the lazy overpaid players as soon as possible, will Wolves survive the future. With the norwegian gaffer at place.

Will you support Wolves and go to Molineux for next match?



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