Wolves-player on sale on Ebay!

The Wolves misfit midfielder, the always injured Jamie O’Hara was put on sale this week from a Wolves fan that want the deadwood away from Molineux. So far no bids have come in. Not strange. Not at all.

Jamie O’Hara was listed on the internet auction site with the seller so keen to get rid of the former Tottenham midfielder they listed free shipping as well as offering to drive him to the winning bidder.

If the auction reaches £1,5 the bidder will get Roger Johnsen as well. Another Wolves player who have two seasons and still counting nightmares as a Wolves player.

On the move? Jamie O'Hara claims he is still a Premier League player

Foto: Dailymail.co.uk

– The Wolves Coach Kenny Jackett do have many players which is not wanted in a Wolves shirt by the fans, selling the big names that have big money each week showed no effort for two seasons, can be difficult enough.

Every Wolves fan world wide wants success for their club, Kenny Jackett could be the man with the ability to do it, but never ever with the current squad.

– New faces will come in, but not before some of the players leaving Wolverhampton Wanderers. First match will be the first big hurdle on the way to promotion. Preston away will be a big test. I put my money on Roger and Jamie will be gone by then.

Probably given away on Ebay.

Kilde: Dailymail.co.uk


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