WOLVES – relegation can be fatal

Wolverhampton Wanderers can be safe and still be in the Championship with wins in their two last matchses. But, and there is a lot of but´s and if´s. If the fantastic club with the remarkable fan-base fail to win against Burnley at Molineux, the relegation will get closer. Dangerously close.

The last match of the season is away against Brighton, probably among the best home teams in the country. There has never been tougher times in the corridors of Steve Morgan’s club. He is hurting like all the fans world wide. One of the most famous clubs in England is in big trouble and a relegation can be fatal.

Wolves has no contract restrictions for the players earning big money, they will have the same income despite playing League One football next season, that can be a financial-Achilles for the club with the best economic structure in the Championship.

Will Steve Morgan stay as owner, or will he sell out? If so, he will never have any of his money spent, back with a sale. The great clubs value has been reduced in the same matter and fashion as the clubs football results. Since the sacking of Mick McCarthy in February last year, Wolverhampton Wanderers have dropped like a rock, winning less then 20 matches to date.s.


Three managers later the club is in a relegation battle that is so crucial that it can result in a matter of existence. If relegated, many of the clubs best players will leave, the income will be missed and the fans will stay at home. A scenario no one at Molineux nor fans could predict when Wolves losing to West Brom in Premier League last season.


A wise appointment of Solbakken ended in a silly sacking just 6 months later, had Wolves been in the relegation battle with Stale at his post? Probably not. The norwegian had a plan, he got many players injured, but did win matches in the start. He should have stayed put. Dean Saunder the next gaffer to try his luck, did not win in 9 matches, have now nine of fist team players out and have a sharp knife to his throat. He will be sacked if Wolves get relegated.

No, what happened with your club of the biggest crisis in the club history is a fact? Could it be a good thing in all it´s pain? Starting with clean sheet, starting in a new league with hungry young guns that want to work for the «old gold» shirt and give it a go? I think that is the way to go. Get rid of some of the players setting the club in this position.

There is no other to blame.

I  do hope of all my Wolves-heart that my club survives the drop, but I am sorry to say that the Wolves players of this season is the poorest in modern history, I don´t think they have the balls or effort to get in there and fight for their lives and for the club. Wolves players have not had any passion, effort or guts in their play for more than a year, why will they start now?

Wolves forever!


2 thoughts on “WOLVES – relegation can be fatal

  1. Having Karl Henry as a captain who sucks up to a manager when he is hired, just to mock them when they’re fired doesn’t help you either. Too bad, really. Always had a little soft spot for Wolves.

    1. Hi Andreas

      Karl Henry has been as bad since he came to Wolves. Never done a good match, but he is not alone failing with his effort and passion.
      Dean Saunders as a manager is also a big joke. It´s a fantastic club, but it´s so sad to see them drop to League One.

      Selling palyers for a fortune and buying for 10% of the income is one og the resons the club have failed big time!

      Thanks you for your wise words!


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