Hello World: This Is London Calling!

To the terrorist out there, we will not give in, we will always take the streets, the freedom, the democratic society, we love and work for – back. 

There is no room for your hate and evilness, there is no place for your threats and killings. London will be a symbol of love and togetherness among all people, no matter color or belief. Always.

 Foto: My-art.com

Tower Bridge on a bike

Leo Hidalgo via Compfight


Where ever you are, planing another strike to our beloved city, please note – you will never win. You can hurt us, you can kill some of us, does we love and hold dear, but our strong and free democracy will stay forever.

You have already lost. Put down your weapons and your hope for a changed World. Love and hope for tomorrow will always be stronger than hate, killings and evil.

Our thoughts and prayers goes to those who died, their families and the wounded of the London-terror attack. Their lives will not be forgotten, and the act of terror is condemned.

London, one of the greatest metropolis in the World, will stay strong as one in the future for generations, because the citizens will fight for their rights to freedom. London is the symbol of love between people of the World. Are you planning a new terrorist attack, to your knowledge, we will rise again. Always.

There is no room for people with evil ideas or cruel acts – there is no room for terror.

London belong to us! People of London, people of the World, is the same! Always!



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