5 Fun Ways to Help Your Partner’s Mental Health After Reopening. Whether you began a new relationship during the pandemic or your long-term relationship. Simply changed during the pandemic (and what hasn’t?) you have probably gotten used to a style of living that will be different from what is in store.  

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As the world begins to open up again, the dynamic of your relationship will likely be subject to change as well. 

Navigating the reopening with your partner will be important, both for the health of your relationship and for the mental health of yourself and your partner.  

If you notice that your partner is especially anxious about reopening, consider seeking guidance from professionals such as those at MyTherapist.  

Until then, some of the tips and tricks that we will review in this article can shine some light on how you may be able to help your partner. And regain a hold on their mental health after reopening.  

Reasons Your Partner Might Be Anxious 

To understand how to best help your partner with their mental health. It is important to first understand why they might be feeling nervous about the reopening.  

Consider some of the following: 

  • Quality Time: If your relationship blossomed during the quarantine. The issue might be that your partner is nervous about retaining the same amount of quality time that they grew comfortable with/accustomed to. The idea of the relationship dynamic changing might bring up feelings of uneasiness and stress.  
  • Finances: If your partner was able to save money during the quarantine. They might be feeling anxious about managing their spending once the world begins to reopen. Naturally, as people begin to make plans, more money will be spent.  
  • Work-Life Balance: Without many commitments, perhaps your partner was able to get a grip on their work-life balance. With more commitments coming up, they might be nervous about retaining that balance.  
  • Health & Safety: Of course, your partner might be concerned about staying safe and healthy. If they are not ready to be around more people, the concept of opening up might bring about feelings of fear.  
  • Going Into The Office: If your partner got used to working from home, the idea of going back into the office might be less than favorable. 
  • Social Anxiety: Without much in-person social interaction throughout the quarantine, your partner might be feeling nervous about socializing with others. 
5 Fun Ways to Help Your Partner's Mental Health After Reopening

What You Can Do 

Considering the root of anxiety or other mental health concerns is one of the best ways to figure out how to respond in a way that is truly beneficial. Of course, the best way to figure out what specifically is concerning your partner is to openly communicate.  

5 Fun Ways to Help Your Partner’s Mental Health After Reopening.

Once you’ve pinpointed relevant concerns or specific obstacles that might impact your partner, you can begin to make an effort to change things for the better. Here are some suggestions to get your brainstorming started: 

5 fun ways

  1. Set a regular date night. To ensure that your relationship will remain stable and steadfast as the world reopens, consider picking a regular date night. Or setting aside a scheduled time to spend together. Even if you are not always able to do date night, the conversation about trying to make it a regular occurrence will show your partner that you care about keeping your time together as a priority.  
  1. Listen. It might not sound “fun”, per se, but likely the best thing you can do when your partner is experiencing struggles with their mental health is simply to listen. While you might feel helpless or solution-less, just giving them the opportunity to feel seen and heard is important to their wellbeing.  
  1. Surprise them with flowers or another gift. Sure, flowers are nice on special occasions. But have you ever given your partner flowers just because? Being sporadically thoughtful is sometimes the best way to lift your partner’s spirits while they are feeling down. 
  1. Create a movie list. Find out which movies you or your partner have not seen. Make a list of some of your favorites that you would like to show each other, and pull up the list whenever there is a rainy day. 
  1. Explore. Now that more things are beginning to open up, there will be more things to do and to see. Whether you enjoy walking, biking, or driving, go on an adventure with your partner whenever you get the chance. Even if it is a place, you have been to before you will likely be able to create new memories and give your partner something to look forward to.  


Being concerned about how changes in the world and the way we live may impact your partner is undoubtedly a sign that you’re a caring and thoughtful force in their life. And you’ve already taken the first step toward ensuring your bond stands the test of time. 

Be sure to encourage your partner to honestly communicate their feelings, struggles, and worries throughout this period. But don’t forget to prioritize your own mental health too. 5 Fun Ways to Help Your Partner’s Mental Health After Reopening.

Though our partners are often the most important people in our lives, no one except a licensed professional can act as a true therapist. If necessary, it can be very beneficial to just encourage your partner to seek out the care they need. 


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