Wherever you want to advertise, it costs a lot of money. Lots of money. But if you but if you choose the right place at the right time to the right measure group, you will find your money well spend. To advertise on bloggers websites, you will reach your prospects in seconds.

vargas12.com is one of the most visit blog-websites in Norway and will do everything to satisfy you as a customer and will bring good value to your products.


If you want to put your text, banner or a blogpost with links to your product in a newspaper it will cost you a lot. But if you choose a top site blog-site with as much readers as a newspaper or more, you will save money.

Please write a few words to us, what is your goal and desire with your ads, try out our site for your banners, links or other advertises- we can promise good value and a very good service. We will not stop working for you until you is 100% satisfied.

You are our boss!

Use the advertising link on the top of the vargas12.com main page for contakt services and emails.




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