Blogger Ryan Leister has this message for whoever takes over from Steve Morgan at Molineux:

Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank-you for your interest in our football club.

To many in the City of Wolverhampton, surrounding areas and even further afield, Wolves isn’t just a football club, it is a huge part of people’s lives.

To us Wolves are a family member that will often test you, occasionally ruin a Saturday and sometimes a whole weekend.

But despite the knock downs many always come back for more.

Doesn’t sound like fun? Or you’re not sure yet?

If that’s the case, thank-you for your interest but I’m afraid Wolves aren’t for you, as like many fans have been in recent times, you’ll need to be resilient and loyal.


We are Wolves, the Molineux faithful

Still interested?

Okay, so what’s also very important is our proud tradition and should you be considering changing anything that was here before all of us – like our name and nickname, our famous badge, the stadium name, the gold shirts or the names of legends that our stands are named after – then I’m quietly confident that, despite your passion, Wolves may not be the club for you.

Although some of our most famous moments are decades ago we are still very proud of what our club once achieved.

So you’re passionate and willing to embrace our history? Sounds promising…

I don’t expect a new owner to come in and splash the cash. Yes it could be really helpful but stability should come first and any spending (infrastructure, transfer fees, new contracts) that happens under your ownership shouldn’t leave the club in a weaker financial position on the day you decide to move on.

But if you are willing to invest and not to the detriment of the club, of course we’d be very grateful for your generosity!

Finally, in recent years, the Molineux faithful have had to endure some extremely questionable decisions, not only personnel wise but also the timing of some actions and although I accept it is impossible to get it right every time this is something the club needs strong decisive action when needed, but without jumping the gun.

Thank-you for reading, Ryan Leister @MrRyanLeister

PS: If you want to lift the fans from day one, as well as making Molineux erupt, then play The Liquidator five minutes before kick off at your first home game and dedicate it to the fans. For whatever reason the current club custodians won’t allow it even though our rivals play it at each home game.

Wolverhampton Wanderers, probably the most wonderful football club in the world.

Link from the newspaper.




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