If you are a father or a mother to someone, this movie will put tears in your eyes. If you are not a parent, you still have to wipe a few tears. Some children are made for the movies.

Quvenzhane Wallis is a six year old fantastic girl who has magic in here soul and eyes. She will get an Oscar for her role in the movie «Beasts of the Southern Wild» as the wise, clever and eccentrics «Hushpuppy».

I thought it was an angel and looked for her wings. Quvenzhane Wallis don’t have wings, but she sure is an angel in this movie.

Wallis make this movie. She is scared, but has a courage to suvive. Against all ods and a father that loves her daughter but also King alcohol.


Surrounded by mud, cardboard, old oil drums and hovels clinging population on their integrity, wherever sauce into the alcohol it can be.

Wallis living in a bathtub with water as city center,a place where a hurricane can make the difference between continued existence or not.

A movie about her life in Louisiana USA before and after the disaster.

Primal forces met with thunder force in this raw, unpolished and vibrant community, only those with the guardian angel with them make it.

You will remember this movie for a long time. You will remember Quvenzhane Wallis as «Hushpuppy» for the rest of your life.

Soon in a cinema from 26. October.

Benh Zeitlin has directed this masterpiece.



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