Please call your local police or other people you can trust in your City, no matter where you are. Someone miss their daughter. The four year old is reacting to the name Maria. Could this be your little girl?

Maria was found in a Greek Gypsy Camp and was together with a couple – a 39-year-old man and a 40-year-old woman – who have been arrested and are now under investigation for abduction and falsifying identity and family certificates.

A statement from the charity said: «The features of the girl and the controversial claims of the persons who claimed to be the parents of the child led the authorities to collect a DNA sample test.»

«The results of DNA testing proved that these people are not the biological parents of the child.»

Who is Maria´s biological parent? She probably comes from north or east-Europe. And she probably is the offer for some child trafficking going on in all over the world.

International hunt for real parents of blonde four-year-old

Another reason detectives suspect the case could be part of an international trafficking ring is that Greek police records show a related kidnapping case in 2009, the year Maria was born.

Apparently, the couple’s various excuses included that the girl was found in a blanket and that she was handed to them by strangers. They later claimed she had a foreign father.

They claimed to have 14 children, police said, and had registered different numbers with authorities in three different parts of Greece. Including Maria, the couple only actually had four.

The woman is also said to have claimed to have given birth to six children within a space of less than 10 months.

Police say they also found drugs and unregistered firearms in other parts of the camp, which is about 170 miles (280km) north of Athens.

Your words is important for the international police, please do what every other parent would have done.

Maria will get back to here family if they are still alive. People all over the world will look for Maria’s family. She will soon be back to her love ones.

Every child in the World deserve to have a safe home and people who wish the best for them. Every day.


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