Finally, Wolverhampton wanderers probably got a gaffer with big enough balls to handle his players. You will think that a manager of Mick McCarthy’s caliber, is a boss with huge influence on his own players, but that will never work in a long term with any game plan and a defence that keep leaking.

Everyone at Molineux, not only players have to expect different times because of another new manager is at place,

Even if you like it or not. If you are a player, I bet you hate it more than any other, because change create a demand of more effort from everyone on the same team.

Many Wolves-fans liked what Stale Solbakken, the norwegian manager started with. He did buy Sako and the big Islander Bjorn Bergmann Sigurðarson. Players who is quality and both are long-term investments. He also tried to turn around too much too quickly.

That was the reason to his sacking, according to norwegian media is  on the owner and his boards hands. Solbakken have had a gentleman agreement to stay on as manager for the season, no concern of the results he would receive.

We still don’t know if Mr. Saunders have the same long-term vision for the new players that came in last summer, but it would be stupid to not try to use the strong ang hungry force in the team.


The fact that the new gaffer is the only manager that actually talk to the youngsters in all, it tells a lot of Dean Saunders agenda at Wolves. He will try to get out the best of every man in a Old Gold and Black shirt.

Probably the best thought from a Wolves manager in many years. Everyone knows that the youngsters is our future.

I am more sure for every hour that Mr. Saunders is a hard man to try and get around. He is honest, straightforward and a demanding manager. If you start with a count with the bif Wolves squad, how many will you keep, that actually impressed for the last seasons?

Not many.

I do hope the new gaffer at Molineux asking the right questions needed to get the important issues to lift Wolves of the bottom of the table. Probably will several of the player with longest contracts at Wolves, be gone first. There is a big need of a cleaning-round the big squad. And it has to start as soon as ever possible.

Wolverhampton Wanderers is a big club, but also still a sleeping giant. It´s time to get the giant club awake, and every singlesoul that have any feelings for the world famous club, have to tale this opportunity to raise their voices and support their favourite team.

Wolves, is here to stay, so is the fantastic fans, among the loudest in England. From here there is only one way, and we have to stay in this together in big volume and believe in a gaffer with big balls. We also have to make Molineux to a cathedral of noise in every home game the rest of this season.

There have to be big changes this season, and new, strong, and hungry youth have to get their chance to make things better for the hungry Wolves fans worldwide.

Wolves are we!

What is your expectation with Dean Saunders as a new Wolves manager?


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