The first crush!

What are the symptoms first love and what happens in the body and mind? Blood is rushing, you have no appetite, you’re thinking only of one thing and it is the chosen one. You will spend as much time as possible with your girlfriend. And you will not be alone. You feel that no problem is too large to be solved. You feel like a world champion.

Why is it that way, what’s happening in the brains of those who are really in love?
You’re sure this will last forever, but it’s all we know is wrong. Unfortunately, everything will be over after a few years or a little more …

If you’re in love, and you have decided to focus on each other, then one should remember to respect each other, listen to each other and be faithful. When one has the greatest chance of a lifetime love will stay and that you have a long and wonderful relationship.

And do not forget to have lots of wonderful sex as often as possible. It’s probably the key!

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