Those who do not achieve orgasm should certainly seek advice and help to «find or get it back. » Orgasm gives you so much positive emotions, relaxation and confidence that it should have been legally required to have an orgasm. Got money back for lost enjoyment. Orgasm on prescription or something …

The secret seems to be that some have thicker tissue in the anterior vaginal wall than others. Of the 30 test subjects were eight thicker tissues, and five of the eight had had vaginal orgasms.

After receiving training on the G-spot, saw two new women to orgasm. None of the 22 remaining individuals had vaginal orgasm, despite the instructions.

According to Fox News says the researchers, however, that women with thinner tissue can be taught to have an orgasm.

There are many reasons to get at least one orgasm a day, not least because it is good, but because it holds in all probability well too.

Not only that, some expects that it is also possible to grow out a g-point even if one is not born with it.

– The use creates body and I expect a growth in frequent use, «says Emmanuele Janini.

The researchers are now investigating whether there is a correlation between the G-spot and testosterone levels in the female body.

It’s no secret that many are struggling to climax when they have sex, and a survey conducted by page2 show that nearly 40 percent simulate orgasm.

– It’s especially for those who are goal-oriented sex where orgasm of the partner is perceived as evidence that sex is successful. And so one will not disappoint. It may be because the person can not orgasm simply do not have the day. Ignition and excitement is not there, then you might as well get it over with by simulating an orgasm, so it’s easier to quit, Isachsen explains, adding that those who simulates having sex who do not meet their needs.

But although it is often the case that there are women who are struggling most to achieve climax, the lack of orgasm also be a problem for men.

– Sometimes the men struggling to get orgasm and ejaculate. It’s usually because he has such a strong pattern of masturbation that it is impossible to recreate similar conditions during sexual intercourse, then there are some who play often because he or she has a notion that sex is otherwise unsuccessful. However, it is harder for men to play since the results are more visible, «says sexologist.

Find out how teeth and builds up tension by masturbating.
Try to find more ways that give pleasure. Use the tools it gives extra pleasure – and bring the experiences of parsexen.
Show what you like or tell us what you think your partner does to you.

Be responsive and open to his or her needs.
Practise pelvic floor muscles so that the most powerful orgasms possible. It is these muscles that go into spasm when the orgasm is there.

The powerful muscles, the more powerful orgasms.
Look for alternative ways to enjoy. Perhaps this is the opportunity there for a G-spot orgasm for her and an extra powerful for him because the prostate is extra stimulated. But do not rush after orgasm.

– While women can get earthquake-like orgasms with the swell lasting for many minutes, he must make do nicely with a small rock fall, an explosion is over approx. 30 seconds. But having said that, these seconds can have a different intensity level from time to time, but if he is a typical grunt in bed then it’s wow is not easy to know.

– An orgasm for a man reminiscent of the feeling of reward themselves with an ice cold pint on a Friday after work. Most men see the fact that their duty to satisfy her first, then allow himself to climax. Thus, sex is often a lonely challenge, rather than a shared experience and this makes the orgasm less intense. The solution is therefore to give him a day off and just focus on his orgasm, according to Barry McCarthy, author of Male Sexual Awareness.

– For a stronger orgasm requires also that his orgasm builds up gradually. The more pressure, the lovelier when he finally eases the pressure and the longer he gets on it, the stronger the link between gender and his head. He gets a little longer orgasms if you give him time, «said Uri Peles at Beverly Hills Center for Sexual Medicine.

The male orgasm has two stages, just like the excitement has four phases (excitement, plateau, orgasm and relaxation). At the first stage begins sperm and ejaculatory fluid and pushed up from the testicles, to simplify the very – and on the next stage of his ejaculate. A hot tip is to try not to distract him when he goes from one to the second phase – this is not the time to be creative!

And last but not least, the biggest secret when it comes to male orgasms is that it reveals how vulnerable men are. There are in fact the release that he has the greatest need to feel loved, so the confidence in bed and keep warm intimacy, and you will see that he relaxes and gets her life orgasms …









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