the fantastic opera house in Oslo Foto:


– One of the most successful companies in Norway, the architectural firm called Snøhetta
They stand behind several prestigious awards and great buildings, both in Norway and the USA.
The architect Kjetil Trædal Thoresen has received a Royal trophy, St. Olav order for his amazing way to bring Snøhetta unique architecture out to the World.
– The Norwegian architectural firm has been commissioned to build the National September 11 Memorial and Museum provider briefeing design for the memorial museum pavilion, in New York at the Ground Zero area.
And Snøhetta has been commissioned to rebuild several of the public outside the area around Times Square also in New York.
The main names in the most prestigious architectural firm in Norway is, the architects Inge Dahlman, Berit Hartveit, Johan Østeng, Alf Haukeland, Øyvind Mo and of cause Kjetil Trædal Thoresen.


the library in Alexandria in Egypt Foto:


– The Egyptian library of Alexandria in Egypt is also one of Snøhetta achievements.
The Norwegian architectural firm is a clear proof that it is possible to get up and even on the top, also if it is in a tough and prestigious industry.

I congratulate Snøhetta with their achievements-



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