The surprise choice to hire a Norwegian gaffer could be the most important decision the owner mr. Morgan and Chief Excutive Mr. Moxey have done to date. Ståle Solbakken (44) is one of the hottest managers in Europe. He will put Wolverhampton Wanderers on the football map from the first match.

– In Norway Solbakken is one of the most well- known ex players and managers in the country because of fantastic results. As a player he did well for Norway (94-2000), and did a short spell at Wimbledon (97-98). But it is as a player and coach in Denmark he got his international success.

– In autumn 2000 reported Solbakken transfer to FC Copenhagen. It took his career abruptly end 13 March 2001 when he had a cardiac arrest during exercise, which lasted all of 7 minutes. After this, Solbakken implanted defibrillator, and he followed doctors’advice to retire as a player.

In august 2006 he put FC Copenhagen to Champions League by beating Ajax in the qualifying games.

Ståle was expected to be the Norwegian coach from  the 1. January 2012, but he canceled the contract and went to one of the most difficult teams in Europe to coach instead of.

14. of may 2011 he was appointed as  the new manager/ coach of the German Bundesliga club 1 FC Cologne.



In Norway there are a lot of people that knows very much of British football. Thousands follows Premier League every season, and lots of people travle to their favourite teams thorough the year.

The first ever televised game was in 1969. Wolverhampton Wanderers- Sunderland (1-0). Since that day many people have had the British football as their nr 1 favorite, and Wolves nr 1 football team.

For me, as a huge Wolves supporter, and for Mr. Solbakken as the new manager for probably the most beautiful team in the world. It will be Wolverhampton Wanderers twenty-four – seven when the season kicks in.


‘Now, what can a baldheaded man with a plastic heart do for you, all the Wolves fans around the world? You did of course know that Wolves is one of the teams in football that brings in support from almost every country in the world?

I believe that Ståle Solbakken will put a new era for the city and the club.

Solbakken is a young and hungry manager that has a point to prove. He will do things his way, on the way he means is the best for the club to get the best results as soon as possible.

Everyone knows that the Championship is a massive league to come out from. Lots of clubs with the same goal through 46 exiting games to get the promotion to the Premier League.

Wolves fans is among the loudest and most passionate in the country. They will only be satisfied with a ticket to Premier League and a promotion in the first attempt.

Every Norwegian believe Solbakken is the right man to achieve it, I do hope the British fans soon will do the same.

– Steve Morgan got the money to bring back glory times to Molineux and he got the balls to bring in a unknown manager to do the work for him. Hear Hear to Mr. Morgan. Ståle Solbakken could got the brain to bring success to Wolves, but he needs to get the Molineux faithfull with him.

The support from the stands could get the extra points that bring Wolves right back to Premier League.

Molineux has to be a noisy, feared and horrible place to come to. Only then Mr. Solbakken gets the support from day one to get the results every Wolves fan wants.

Wolves has a job to do, and the fans are already exited with a new gaffer in town.

Through the summer Ståle will try to bring in the best players he believe can fit the Molineux hierarki.

Do you have the faith in Solbakken as the new Wolves boss?

Bring on the Championship please!


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