The norwegian gaffer already has tremendous success and will bring in assistant with enormous experience. If the team avoids serious damage on their best player, this will be a great season for Wolves.

The former norwegian teams Odd Grenland and Stabæk did have Somen Tchoyi as a player and he will be on trial for Wolves. He is out of contract after being released by West Brom in the summer.

A good quality winger with great pace. If he is free to sign, why not?


Patrick Weiser in as Stales nr 2?

 Patrick Weiser worked with Solbakken from July 2011 to last April when the Norwegian was sacked.

Before that he was youth team coach for two years with the German club, where he also served as a defender or midfielder from 1991-97 and 2005-07.

After 110 appearances for Cologne, Weiser – whose 18-year-old son Mitchell, a right-winger, plays for Bayern Munich – spent two years with Rennes, where he played 39 times before returning to the Bundesliga with Vfl Wolsfburg, adding another 159 games before ending his career back at Cologne and moving into coaching.

If Weiser signs as Stales nr two, Wolverhampton Wanderers will have a great coaching team, that will bring glory times back to Molineux and the fans in England and world wide.

out of darkness cometh light…

Source: Express and Star



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