You know the feeling, the passion the nerves you have through your hole body a few days before the match. It´s a much important fixture, an must win game. You know all about the history of your favourite club, it hasn’t been the best of times.

Actually, your club that you live your life through, sucks and has been so poor the las months. It can’t be worse. You hurts inside.

The board, directors and Chief Executive talks to media about the lack of money, they won’t use the money needed to get in the hungry new players to lift the team from the bottom of the table.

It’s match day. You can’t eat, you have a queasy stomach and your nerves hits you. You put your favourite shirt on, your favorite scarf and hit the road to your favorite pub to meet up with your favourite mates. They are in the same mess as yourself. The first three pints go down quickly.

One of your mates have got the team sheet for the day. Three young players from the U21 will get their debuts, in a match that will decide your favourite side destiny. You can’t believe it. Could it be worse?

The life of a passionate football supporter can be like hell. You just want your team to win matches, thats it, but what can you do when the owner and board don’t want to put in the effort needed. Real supports breathe, eat and shit with the colors of their team 24/7, the owner and the directors often see just money and numbers. Too often.

You and your mates are of to the stadium, It’ll be a packed house, you can already hear the volume of eager supporters singing their throats out. The nerves you had earlier are gone, you feel calm, you know this is it. It’s a ‘must win game’, the players as young as ever can they bring the results needed?

– It’s crowded everywhere, ques and people want to get in the stadium before kick off. You have been here all your life and are use to it, but this is a special match, a big game, THE match you have waited for so long. The passion for your club is second to none, you don’t know what to do if they lose this.

Match is on, you have your favorite seat at your favourite stadium, it’s here you want to be, it’s here you feel alive.

First half ended without goals. You have a pint and a piss in the break, you are back in your favorite site just in time for the second half. The volume in the stands raises and you sing along. So the refs whistle, it’s a penalty for the visitors. Worst that can happen does happen. 1-0 wrong way.

The young players have done more than good enough but know they have a mountain to climb. They have to throw the kitchen sink at them. And they do.

The supporters you have watch matches with as long as you can remember get behind the players, the nervous young debutantes, the singing gets higher, the roof is rising the passion is boiling and the then it happened. A brilliant free kick from the captain find the back of the net.

Only seven minutes left of this most important match in your club history, will be relegated if they can’t win it. Three minutes left, every seat is empty because everyone at the stand is on their feets. You can’t remember the volume of the Molineux-faithful, the place is buzzing.

Then it happened, one of the young debutantes get his head on the ball from a corner, and he heads it down to one of his teammate, one of the other debutantes and bang, in the back of the nets, and you wins it! You can’t believe it, you celebrates the wild and uninhibited as ever you have before, your voice cracking and tears comes. You never ever felt the passion as deep before.

The real passion for a football supporter is the best feeling you can have. Be loud and proud. Keep your dream alive, support your team no matter what!

Foto: Flickr/  studavis


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