One of the most famous football clubs in England is in its biggest crisis in modern time. From a Premier League club to a club that don’t win matches.

The players is the same that did receive the glory of going up. But they now don’t have the effort to stay in the Championship.

Since Mick McCarthy left the Club, Wolves have won only 10 matches of 56 played in all competitions. He left Wolves 13 February 2012. That is almost one year ago.

If the owner, Mr. Steve Morgan sooner, rather than later understand the big problem his club is in, the famous club will be relegated.

You can ask if it was a smart decision to sack the manager, 13 matches left of the season. All the bad results since Mick went, the same rotten apples is left on the pitch. WHY?

This players have cost three managers their jobs.

The Norwegian was told he got time to change it around, he didn´t get enough time. Now a new manager will have a go, the fourth in a year, the same players are still around. WHY?

Wolves have a fantastic stadium, the best fans in the country, marvelous facilities, but not a football team that want to win matches.

Since Mick left Wolves, the club value is cut with 50%, and it will be even worse if the relegation comes in May. The owner don´t like that, why doesn’t he do anything to the matter?

The Captain of the club, Karl Henry has to look in the mirror, he have been around in the Whole  period of Wolves «Annus horribilis». A player that have to leave the club as soon as possible.

In every club there are players present, that have no passion for the club they play for. Wolves do have a lot of those. Obviously this can not continue much longer

If Dean Saunders want to keep his job, he has to start the tough job to sell out the players that dont care if they win or loose. Most of the Wolves players dont have it. The edge, the passion, the will to offer blod and tears for the Old Gold shirt. Those players have to leave.

Wolverhampton Wanderers is in a very very bad position, with same players that lost 5-1 to West Brom i Premier League february 2012. WHY?

 Dean Saunder have two points in three matches. The former managers have 3 wins of the last 20 played, and 10 wins of the last 56 played matches is not acceptable at all. Wolves are going down with Karl Henry as captain.



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