Wolves have not have a win since Christmas. If they lose against Millwall and Bristol City wins their match. Wolves will be rock bottom in a season they had hopes for a come back to the Premier League.

– So far this season has been a big disappointment for all with some feelings for the fantastic football club. Mr. Steve Morgan, the owner is as angry and sad as the rest of the bunch. wolves have their fourth manager inside 13 months.

Wolves have won 10 matches of 58 played! The sorrow and lack of hope is tick as cheese around the brilliant Molineux Stadium. Is there any chance for survival in the Championship? It´s still 27 points to fight for. If Wolverhampton Wanderers reach 50 points, there is light in the tunnel, that can be enough.

Until now Wolves have 36 points.

With players that want to win matches and players with their heart outside their shirts, with their souls in their boots there will be a small hope to avoid the drop. If the Wolves players have fought like men there, there would have been much more points as well. They have not done that this season at all.


Wolves players have not had any passion, effort or guts in their play for more than a year, why will they start now? Because they were the Old Gold jersey, they owe it to the fans, and they will be a laughing stock all the bunch if they go from Premier League to League One, in one year.

Wolverhampton Wanderers is a great club with fantastic traditions, they belong in the top flight of English football.At this time they have a marvelous stadium, the best fans, no debt, but no football team.

The Wolves players under Dean Saunders is the worst in Wolves history. Only the Wolves players can change that. And they have to start today, not for the fans or for the history books, but for themselves. If they have any pride left in their body and mind. Show it! Show that to the fans!

Be loud  Be proud, Be a Wolves fan no matter what!



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