Oslo city, pearl or stain?

I think Oslo has much to offer in terms of both positive offer to those who live here and those visiting. Theatre, cinema, many good restaurants and nice offer to go on a diver’s sights and museums.

But why floods this beautiful city full of people who can not subsist otherwise than to beg? Why do we have an abundance of foreign beggars, and even multi-drug addicts – most I saw was along the entire Norwegian-Railroad Square and up towards the top of the main street. There is less of the further we come to the castle …

I mean Norwegian politicians are arrogant, lazy, ignorant and pushing under the carpet all they can to problems of such kind! The politicians in Norway has an obligation to clean up this massive porblems engaged in destroying the capital spring! Bjarne Haakon Hansen said the only politician who has taken responsibility for those on the record in Oslo, he has started methadone activities that have helped many addicts, but there are many more who need help. But there is no light in the tunnel for drug addicts in Oslo. That is not fucking a tunnel once ….

We can, should start now! And forcing the politicians into action. Get the drug addicts and beggars off the streets, help the sick, use the money to bring in trained help getting avruset those who want to, build shelter, hybelhus to those who are forced to live on the street. Clean up your own backyard!

Oslo drowning in problems of enormous dimensions, so go the politicians in the media and complain about having too little to do!? It sounds totally unreasonable … Why should you feel uncomfortable to go from the theater at 2300 on a Saturday night in their own city? Why should girls be scared to go home from a party through the main street in the evenings? Why should elderly not to go out of fear of being robbed at night the bride, in the city, many of those have helped to build after the war?

 Get the money politicians! Get the agents needed to Oslo safe and help those who need it most, and get enough police on the streets so we can end rape and other crimes now!

Oslo deserves to be the gem it once was …

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